Doris Day

On the day parts of the country ground to a halt courtesy of Storm Doris, I took a risk and commuted down to the big smoke. The journey took a little longer than usual but afforded me some delightful conversation with my fellow commuters.

A little wind swept, I joined Wedge and Brian at their Digital Transformation crowd sourcing day. The high level topics were as follows:

  • Levels of digital maturity
  • Engaging your allies
  • Workflow Process Design

There was some great discussions captured throughout the day and i’m looking forward to collaborating with the group on the output.

I then spent the evening with my colleague Dina Vekaria attending our first Culturevist event. Led by Matthew Partovi we discussed the topic “Shifting our team from HR/People/Comms Operations to Employee Experience”. It was clear that almost every conversation i’ve had internally and externally has centered around the employee experience this week. And I seem to be attracting people who are working on the same things as me, which is great because I love sharing ideas and experience.

On reflection this week i’ve made some pretty awesome contacts, caught up with some old connections and immersed myself in some thought provoking articles.

I highly recommend both these articles:

From disrupted to disruptor: Reinventing your business by transforming the core  By Peter Dahlström, Liz Ericson, Somesh Khanna, and Jürgen Meffert

De-mystifying Digital Transformation By Christine Overby

And if like me culture and brand get you out of bed in the morning and you’re interested in spending time with like minded people, who are “turning our brands into movements, by developing our company cultures and energising our customer communities” consider checking out Culturevist’s website and sign yourself up.



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