Making the most of my Pearson volunteer days

Two years ago the tragedy unfolding across Europe moved me. I struggled with watching thousands of people make their way to Europe on unsafe boats and I was spurred into action when Aylan Kurdi washed up on the beach in Turkey.

I made two visits to Europe with donations 56 hours and 2000 miles Kim’s account of the Words and Warmth Relief Run – sociuscommunity , and then we flew to Lesvos 5 days in Lesvos – The Situation – sociuscommunity  to work distributing aid Because I am a Parent… – sociuscommunity. Just before I headed out to Lesvos I found out I was pregnant with my second son. Harrison is 2 in July. And once again i’ve had that urge to do something other than sending letters to my MP and signing petitions. I need to feel like i’m taking action.

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Moria is one of the worst refugee camps in the world.

On the 22nd April I will fly to Lesvos once more to volunteer on the island for a week, this time the situation is very different:

  • Boats still arrive daily
  • Moria (formerly a prison for 1500 people) is home to over 6000 people, some have been there for over 2 years
  • People can’t move forward and they can’t go back
  • Funds, volunteers and interest in the situation has reduced as it doesn’t make the news anymore
  • The asylum process is long, complicated and frustrating

And whilst all this happens people still need food, clothing and support.

Humans 4 Humanity is a startup grassroots non-profit and collective of volunteers. Aimed at relieving suffering and dedicated to the service of vulnerable refugees, that have fled their war-torn countries. They provide maximal emergency humanitarian relief aid, and administer various educational, medical, and women’s empowerment programmes. I will be spending my week working with the AMAZING team there.

I’m funding my trip personally, this includes flights, accommodation and expenses. With Pearson’s help i’m able to use my volunteer days to cover my time, with a couple of holidays thrown in.

I am raising funds to donate whilst i’m in Greece: Fundraiser by Kim England-Godber : Kim’s Heading Back to Moria, Lesvos.

You can donate here

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