Socius means companion, you can’t have a community without other people so it makes sense to put these two words together to describe what it is I do. Since I was a child i’ve built communities, I ran sports days for my neighbours kids when I was 10 on my front garden. I was involved in everything and anything that involved people throughout school and university.

Building communities makes me happy and I believe communities make a difference. My life revolves around multiple communities in person, online, at work, in my personal life all across the globe.

For a very long time i’ve been meaning to set up a space where I can share my community experiences, lessons learned, thoughts, ideas, ramblings and the volunteering i’ve undertaken. I finally created this space and you’ve found it: WELCOME.

On a personal note i’m a proud working mummy to two boys William and Harrison, I work at Pearson as the Global Community Director and i’ve recently been using my Pearson volunteering days to help refugees across Europe.


Find out more about me:

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kimengland

Twitter: https://twitter.com/miss_england_19

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kimberlykat81/

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